pressing info 1-20


pressing info 1-20



First Pressing
Test press – Black vinyl – 10 copies
solid Lime green vinyl (alien sleeve) – 311 copies

100 green w/white

100 red w/white

100 blue w/white

11 neon yellow w/green

10 test pressing covers neon yellow w/blue ink

Second Pressing
700 copies total
Black vinyl (dark blue  photo sleeve)
Black vinyl (pale blue  photo sleeve)
Black vinyl (orange photo sleeve)
Black vinyl (grey photo sleeve)

Atom002 Turtlehead/Lovejunk Split

Limited edition of 300 copies on  “pumpkin” vinyl.
30 copies were mispressed pressed on “brown swirl” vinyl.
All of these copies are hand-numbered out of 330 copies on the record sleeve.two shades of blue ink
10 black vinyl test pressing numberd black sleeves


Turtlehead – Godsend
Vanillapod – Problems
Raggity Anne – Easily Confused
Jayne Doe – This Town

solid neon pink vinyl limited to 324 copies. 34 with purple streaks sent to mailorder kids
Comes in a hand made, hand numbered sleeve.
Includes insert.
400 copies  pressed on black vinyl.
This release has a variety of different sleeves across both colour variations & the first 500 copies were hand-numbered.
10 black vinyl test pressings


Raggity anne/The manges 

Raggity Anne – My Baby Stole My Ramones LP’s
Raggity Anne – Sometimes I Wanna
The Manges – I Hate You, David
The Manges – Melissa Is A Rockabilly Rebel

Split release between Speedowax Records (UK) and Saucer Rex Records (Italy).
Limited to 1,000 black vinyl copies in total with the first 500 housed in hand-numbered sleeves.
25 of this intial 500 were also available with a special painted sleeve.
The remaining 500 copies were in regular edition, un-numbered sleeves.


Marshes/Travis cut

Pressing info:
400 Black vinyl
317 Brown marbled vinyl
1 Blue vinyl
2 Red vinyl
1 Green vinyl

peach tour pressing sleeve the marshes

gold  tour pressing sleeve    Travis cut

cream   Pre order   sleeve                              s

bright yellow COVER  u.s distros 


Broccoli Pinto Split 

300 translucent “Pink grapefruit”  (180 140 gram vinyl ) 120 thinner vinyl  different shades

300 solid black vinyl

100 blue sleeve

200 green

100 grey

100 pink

25 handpainted sleeves 75 black and white

53 "found " Alternate sleeve version comes in green, orange or purple sleeve variants. 16th birthday press. Numbered out of 53.

Headchecks Travis cut

Translucent gold vinyl 80

solid neon yellow   220

solid black vinyl 300

test press 10 solid black vinyl

black and white sleeves 540

half front sleeves 50

double pack sleeves 10 silver numbered

 Atom008 Gameface/Pinto

Cream coloured vinyl limited to 220 copies. Also available on “lard” coloured vinyl (70 copies) & black vinyl (300 copies).
The first 500 copies of this release were hand numbered & some included one piece of a jigsaw puzzle.


Travis Cut – Exciled 
Dog Boy – Do You Understand 
Skimmer – Happy 
Beauty School Dropout – Hat Thief 
Headchecks – Get In Touch 
Funbug – Skateboarding Sucks

50 soap green

250 solid spearmint green

300 solid black vinyl

green and white sleeves

cream and black sleeves


most copies with insert and funbug stickers


Douglus – Keeping Up 
Otherwise – Circuit 
Winner – Alone 
Headchecks – Sweet Harriet 
One Car Pile-Up – Nothing This Time 
The Destructos – Eye Brews

50 neon green w/red swirl

250 solid neon green vinyl

300 solid black vinyl

50 pink sleeve numbered

550 brown and cream sleeve numbered out of 500 leftovers with */500

all copies include a4 fold out insert and baseball card.


Discount – On The Counter 
Discount – Antiseptic 
Discount – Untitled 
Beauty School Dropout – Poison Pen 
Beauty School Dropout – Pass The Buck

“Dark Purple” vinyl limited to 150 copies. cream sleeve w/burgundy print

“pale purple” vinyl limited to 150 copies given to Discount as an exclusive cream sleeve w/burgundy print

solid black vinyl limited to 200

100 solid black vinyl (over run sent to us as a christmas present from lisa at key”

so we xeroxed some sleeves and handpainted


Broccolli The last one 

Neglect It

250 solid green marble vinyl some dark,some swirl,some split colors (breakdown coming soon)

10 solid black vinyl test pressings

ATOM013 Gameface/Douglas/Pinto

Gameface – Time After Time
Douglas – Boxcar
Pinto – Refuge

300 solid aquamarine  mail order edition numbered to 150 copies. with Faux leather inner sleeve 150 minus numbered
Gameface cover “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper featuring Gwen stefani on backing vocals
Douglas cover “Boxcar” by Jawbreaker
Pinto cover “Refuge” by The Parasites.

10 solid black vinyl test pressings given to the bands


Vanilla Pod – Last Level Coming 
Sunfactor – And The Rain Fell Down 
Mos Esley – Indifference 
Grand Central – Solid State Memory 
Lovejunk – Let It Slide 
Turtlehead – Hey Suburbia

50 solid peach w/blue marble

250 solid peach marble

300 solid black vinyl

pulp fiction sleeve w/blood splattered and shot cover numbered 75

ATOM015 Sunfactor/Inside right 

Sunfactor – Small Town 
Sunfactor – Sal Paradise 
Sunfactor – Glad To See Your Not Dead 
Inside Right – College Rock 
Inside Right – Porcelain Elvis 
Inside Right – Four Fingured BMX Rider

100 dusk swirl numbered and stamped

200 solid grey w/white stamped white lables

300 solid black

50 halfblack sleeves

25 neon marked sleeves sold at london release show with spy vs spy

10 test pressings with darth vadar stamp

Atom016 The ataris/Douglas Split 7"

The Ataris – Blue Skies Broken Hearts Next Twelve Exits 
The Ataris – How I Spent My Summer Vacation 
Douglas – Alarm Bells & Fuck Ups 
Douglas – Last Orders

“Grey Slate” vinyl limited to 450 copies. 100 copies were also pressed on “grey slate with black explosion but they came out more marbled than splatter.

Atom017 Punk rock disc 4 

Fishtake – Stone Cold Blue 
Luna.Suit – A Million Questions 
Scuttle – New Scars 
Southport – Fallen On Your Feet 
Scarper – The Pushover 
Eighty Six – Distance

Released 2001 525 “solid milkshake yellow ” first 100 are numbered in red ink for mailorder dudes”

20 “you have your punk” boxing glove sleeve used to house the ophan vinyl in october 2012.

30 more were made again after i found a box in my garage in 2015


Rhythm Collision – BRC 
Travis Cut – Closure 
Rhythm Collision – Woulda Shoulda Coulda 
Vanilla Pod – Sir 26

Released 2000

Special hand numbered edition in Planet Of The Apes sleeve, limited to 30 copies on clear orange vinyl.
Also available in the more common Charlie Brown sleeve. Limited to approximately 442 copies in total.
58 copies were also available on orange vinyl with red streaks.

50 2012 “plastic ashtray”sleeve sold via mailorder from october 2012 


Douglas ‎– Persona

A1 Keeping Up 
A2 Fish Eyed Word 
A3 Four A.M. 
B1 Skip 
B2 Time To Leave 
B3 Twenty Year Itch 
C1 In Complete 
C2 Slouch 
C3 Box Car 
D1 Bar Bathing 
D2 Kickback 
D3 Drinking Alone (Last Orders)

336 translucent violet vinyl

330 solid spearmint green vinyl

6 translucent vinyl used as promos in (stickered sleeve )


Ann Beretta / Newtown Grunts ‎– New Union… Old Glory

Ann Beretta – Lockd Ready And Load 
The Newtown Grunts – The Bottle 
The Newtown Grunts – Nothing To Me 
Ann Beretta – Forget Today Forget Tomorrow (Foundation Version)

100 solid” buckfast”  purple vinyl

200 solid” pinky red” mix vinyl

200 translucent Cloudy  clear vinyl

10 test pressings solid black vinyl black sleeve

30 lady sleeves with bag insert

15 lady sleeves no bag insert

50 beer lable enverlope /bag  sleeves mailorder exclusive from Simon

30 at the  punk rock show  sleeves includes one disc numberd and stamped stapled by my wife some with punk pin on the cover mailorder from speedowax pobox address only (Mailorder is fun )

rest with red  machinary sleeves numbered

12 no soap in richmond triple  sleeves includes all three colours in two sleeves numbered and stamped insert

30 no soap in richmond sleeve includes one disc ether 1 of  20 clear  or 10 Solid  purple

Atom021 Turtlehead

I Preferred Their Earlier Stuff (12″)

A1 Gary D 
A2 Turn Away 
A3 Over You 
A4 Boy Racer 
A5 Zoe Ball 
A6 Godsend 
B1 Hate Him 
B2 Hot Trout Action 
B3 Brass Arse Margaret 
B4 Another Stupid Song 
B5 Ruin My Day

pic disc lp 180 signed photos and stickers chucked in